About Us


Our Institute

PNY Pink is an initiative to bring women an opportunity for growth and professional empowerment. It is hard to ignore the female potential to do something big and better. In Pakistan, females got very few opportunities to learn some high tech professional skills. Usually, they are offered with some conventional courses that are quite away from the mainstream. PNY Pink brings to all the passionate females of Pakistan an opportunity to learn the best skills that are out of the box. We let them follow their passion and turn it into their profession. All the courses related to the mainstream requirement of the industry and designed for HER only. It is our initiative to groom their passion and bring them to the marketplace. Here they will be able to trade their skills and abilities.

Pink for Priority

For PNY Pink, 51% of the Pakistani population is a priority. The platform is not just acclaimed for female only but providing them with a space to rule out. Female instructors for the female students with flexible timings and tuition fee design all the prioritized training and courses. We understand the challenges women in our society face when it comes to professional growth.

Pink for persistence

There is no doubt that females can do any job around the globe with persistence. At PNY Pink, we are persistence in providing best and high-end courses to our female students. These courses let them progress in the right direction. Getting the skill set and using it for their own and community development will eventually bring us more empowered and economically enabled female groups in society.

Pink for prosperity

By offering females, cultivate income-generating skills we ensure to let them earn from home or get into independent entrepreneurship. The purpose is to provide a prosperous future to the females by educating them about shaping innovative startups or learning advance freelancing skills. We ensure that they will have a growing future in the respective field.

Our Mission

At PNY Pink, we focus on women empowerment and enablement at the same time. Teaching them skills is not the ultimate goal. Enabling them to utilize these skills and grow as a freelancer or entrepreneur is out the mission. In the world of growing competition, we want the females to be a strong contender and take part in the overall transformation. We are bringing the domesticated women to new horizons of professionalism and so they embrace success using all of their potentials.

Vision Statement

Inspiring women to learn lucrative professional skills and work in the mainstream to have a bright future.

The sky is not a limit!

We do not consider the sky a limit for females to grow professionally. They have the potential to reach further than that. It is the cause at PNY Pink we have all female-oriented training and programs. These are a tool kit for the females to improve their skill set and move forward to conquer the universe.