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Course Details:

Registration Fee = Rs: 1,000 only
>Date: 23rd January, 2021
>Duration: 03 month
>Class Timing: 12:00pm to 02:00pm
>Location: Johar Town, Lahore

Objectives of the Course:

  1. Understanding different forms of writing techniques
  2. Combining creative ideas with theories to demonstrate one’s thoughts into words in different forms
  3. Practice everything in the real of digital content world to demonstrate with help of technical analysis.
  4. Exposure to Local and Global companies, content, writing expressions and target market segment.
  5. This course will enable you to identify your area of interest, find your pace, learn to write content for your target audience and create opportunities for yourself.
  6. Learn to write, learn to showcase writing skill and learn to earn from that skill.



1st Module | Introduction to Content Writing


  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Practice Different Content Writing Styles
  • Learn Difference between Content Writing & Content Marketing
  • How do we create content?
  • In-Class Activity



2nd Module | Types of Content Writing

  • Know the Types of Content Writing
  • Get to know the Forms of Writing and relevant mediums
  • Uncover the secret behind power of Writing Expressions
  • In Class activity


3rd Module | Writing Formats

  • Introduction to different standard writing formats
  • How to search and how to use that research?
  • We will review the best research resources
  • How to get authentic data for content?
  • Create informative content pieces ( whitepapers + presentations)
  • In-class writing activity


4th Module | Grammar Rules


  • Rules and Role of grammar
  • How to get grip over the language?
  • How to use Punctuation, Grammar, Proverbs, Idioms, phrases, quotes in content?( Everything you need to know)
  • Write and Review Activity
  • Practice one writing format in class


5th Module | Plagiarism & Copy Rights


  • Introduction to different CMS tools
  • Explore Tools such as plagiarism checker, grammar and ranking checker tools etc
  • Demonstration activity to use tools and write
  • In-class Activity


6th Module | Basics of Writing

  • Cover all the basis to begin writing
  • Where do I start? How do I start?
  • Brainstorming Methods, Writing Frameworks, Editing, Proofreading & Publishing
  • In-Class Activity to produce a sample


7th Module | Introduction to Web Content


  • A Guide to Website Copy and Web Content Writing
  • Web Copywriting ( Website Content, Product Listing, Offered Services, landing Pages)
  • Web Copy for Different Business verticals and how expression changes ( Skincare + IT+ Education + Finance + Medical)
  • In-class Activity


8th Module | Structure of Web Structure

  • Structure of a web page
  • What are the main ingredients?
  • How many words to get top ranking?
  • The secret to writing the best copy
  • Rules and Practices to write
  • In-class activity


9th Module | Email Marketing

  • Everything about Email Marketing and the art to sell products
  • Learn to Write Email for promotional and ad based writing ( Email Marketing)
  • Different Types of Email
  • Learn to create standard email formats


10th Module | Secret & Psychology of Writing

  • Learn the Secret & Psychology Behind the art of persuasion through writing
  • How to do it through different social media channels as per audience segment?
  • Learn how to sell through writing?
  • How to win with words?
  • Distribution of reading material and in class discussion
  • In class activity to create sample templates


11th Module | Introduction to SEO writing

  • Introduction to SEO writing
  • SEO for different Social Media Channels
  • Rules and guide for Keyword placement
  • Discussion on the recent trends
  • In-class activity


12th Module | Blog Writing


  • Know all about Blog Writing
  • Types of Blog Writing ( Articles, onsite, Offsite, guest posts, medium, reports, summaries, closure reports)
  • Define each type and discuss their nature
  • How to target an audience in a blog?
  • In-class Activity


13th Module | Framework of blogging

  • How to create a framework for a blog?
  • How to do research for a blog?
  • What is thin content?
  • How to avoid thin content and write top ranking blogs?
  • Writing activity to create a sample blog


14th Module | Miscellaneous Pieces of Writing


  • Miscellaneous Pieces of Writing( E-books, E-papers, and independent researches, software modules, pamphlets, brochures)
  • Discuss Each type
  • Activity to write in class


15th Module | Different CMS tools


  • How different CMS tools can help you?
  • Different Types of Tools?
  • How to use those tools?
  • Activity to use those tools


16th Module | Original Content

  • How to avoid plagiarism?
  • Common Types of Plagiarism to stay away from
  • Tips and Tricks to help you produce original content
  • In-class activity


17th Module | Video Content

  • Video Based Content
  • Video Blogs and Vlogs
  • Learn to create content for videos (Scripts, Subtitle and Video Content)
  • In-class activity


18th Module | E-book content

  • How to write an ebook?
  • Know the basic rules
  • Where do you start?
  • Create a sketch of an e-book
  • In-class activity


19th Module | Abroad Writing Style

  • Know about US and UK writing style
  • Learn the key differences
  • Are there any other styles?
  • How do we adapt?
  • In-class activity

20th Module | Formal + Commercial Writing


  • Know formal +commercial content writing
  • Produce Formal Writing Content
  • Learn to create company profile and proposals
  • Learn to write policies and terms
  • Learn to write guides
  • In-class activity


21st Module | Overview of Content Creation

  • Revision of whatever we have learned so far.
  • Know latest SEO based writing, professional and technical writing trends.
  • In-Class activity and discussion


22nd Module | Self Assessment

  • How do I become a content writer?
  • Is writing a career for you? Let’s explore different options.
  • How do you start? Where do you start?
  • Learn to land a job as a content writer in Pakistan


23rd Module | Freelancing


  • How to Freelance your Work
  • The Basics, Tips and Tricks to Remember
  • Freelancing Sites
  • How to get Clients
  • Discussion and answer any remaining questions
  • Last Class ( Involves in-class activity)

24th Module | Practical Work

  • Compile all the writing samples we have written during course
  • Create a portfolio of all the samples
  • Learn to send and apply for jobs
  • In-class activity and discussion

What we Learn | Course Outcomes

This particular course is designed to enable aspiring writers to expand their career in the field of content marketing, social media marketing and content writing. You will get to explore varying writing techniques, writing forms, styles and expressions to advance your knowledge of creative and innovative writing styles. Get a different, more career driven and innovative outlook into the process of writing with genuine, unique and polished ideas. Words may come to you, but you need to channelize the way to get to the reader’s head. Are you willing to go on that journey?

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