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Course Details:

Registration Fee = Rs: 5,000 only
>Date: 16th March 2021
>Day: Tuesday & Friday
>Duration: 3 months
>Class Timing
05:00pm to 07:00pm
Johar Town, Lahore

PNY Pink bringing an excessive opportunity for the girls to enrich their makeup skills under the expertness of International Makeup Queen “Ayesha Sayeen”.

PNY Pink bringing an excessive opportunity for the girls to enrich their makeup skills under the expertness of International Makeup Artist Ayesha Sayeen. Our courses will teach every little thing you want to know for starting your career by our expert. PNY Pink brings to all passionate females of Pakistan an opportunity to learn the best skills that are out of the box. Ayesha Sayeen hit the jackpot in the makeup industry with her unique style!!

Course Duration:

The duration of courses doesn’t rely on years or months for which you have to think before joining. It’s a short time course of all the outlooks you need to learn to be a successful makeup artist.

The Entry Test is only for Females.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • There is no age limit for candidates.
  • You don’t need to be a professional or beautician to line for the test.
  • You are free to create any makeup look.
  • Show your makeup skills you are best in
  • There is no special requirement for dress/jewelry
    (if it the need of the look you have to bring it with you)
  • It’s your choice to take along a model or style yourself.
  • Bring your makeup kit for the flair you are going to do.
  • You have 1 hour to complete the task

Additional you will get free goodies of worth

RS: 9000 to 10,000 including free digital marketing class

Course Outline

Silver for Beginners | 1ST Month

Fond of makeup? Standing on Zero points?

The course is intended for beginners to grow up your makeup skills and walk with confidence. You will get to know everything from start and then our expert will take you professional level. You will not only learn to do makeup but in this course, you will also basic hairstyle that will give a glam look to you. Start your journey of being a makeup artist now.

What do we offer?

  • 3 Modest Makeup Looks
  • 3 Ready to Go Hair Styles
  • 1 Basic Facial

Learning outcomes:

  1. In the course, we are teaching every bit or trick of makeup that is essential for beginners.
  2. You will do deep cleansing
  3. An important fact about eye makeup is to choose the right eyelash style that you will learn here.
  4. You will learn to contour your face that makes features more attractive.
  5. The candidate will practice baking their face to make makeup look flawless.
  6. You will conceal your face
  7. Our expert will build your confidence in carrying out makeup.


Gold for Professionals | 2nd Month

Now you will learn how to be a professional makeup artist, to practice your skills and develop themselves into Makeup Field. And be a part of this vast makeup industry.

Be a spotlight in the makeup industry. What are we offering?

  • 7 Advance Makeup looks
  • 7 Advance Hair Botox
  • 3 Best of facials

You Learn To:

  • Deal with Eye Brows
  • Be a Beautician
  • Contour your Face
  • Uses of Highlighters/Glitters
  • Treat the inadequacy of skins and their types
  • Give shape to face and eye


Diamond for Beautician | 3rd Month

Still think something is missing. Then, this course is surely for you to lift your expertise to an extra level. Makeup is a fast-growing industry in which every new product launches. There is always something left even if we are professional. This course is filling full this gap and makes you an expert even after these courses you adopt the new launches. You will learn and run-through the series of essential and fundamental procedures of make-up.

We offering:

  • 3 Heavy Looks with Special Effects
  • Skin Polisher
  • Dip Dye Hair
  • New Techniques

You will get to:

  • Improve your business
  • Be a successful makeup artist
  • Choose your area of expertise
  • Develop your dealing skills with clients
  • Know the aspect of the foundation
  • Methods mixing foundation
  • Experience new products

Learning Outcomes:

  1. When it comes to advance level you must know to deal with customers and satisfying them. You should know which products are trending and how to use them. In this course, you will learn these entire components.
  2. You will learn how to improve your business
  3. Be a successful makeup artist
  4. You will also come to know your area of expertise
  5. Develop your dealing skills with clients how you can meet and can make your regular clients.
  6. Know the aspect of the foundation and how to apply on different texture or tones
  7. The candidates will get to know the methods of mixing foundation and making them of tone. Experience new products

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What are the eligibility criteria?

Before starting of courses our instructor conducts a test on that basis, she will choose you for which course you are best.

  1. What is the admission process?

You need to fill the form and register yourself. For registration fee and course fee information visit our admission desk.

  1. What if I want something else besides these FAQs?

If you have any query you can contact us by email or the contact number mentioned on the website.

  1. Why PNY Pink?

We are on a mission to make our female independent. We are providing our best course under the experts who already set benchmarks in the field.

  1. What do I get at the end of the course?

You will get certification with lots of goodies that are worthy. And confident to walk around with no fear.



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