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Course Details:

Registration Fee = Rs: 1,000 only
>Date: 5th February 2021
>Day: Thursday & Friday
>Duration: 01 month
>Class Timing:
04:00pm to 06:00pm
Johar Town, Lahore

This course aims to make the pupils understand the techniques of Hair Cutting & applying them professionally. We will teach you how to do a Basic haircut to pro and advanced haircutting techniques.  We will be going step by step through this haircut so that at the end you feel confident that you can do this on your own! This course is great for anyone who wants to be a hair expert.

Course Objectives:

  1. Covers all the modules needed to hone your hair cutting skills.
  2. Enable you to express yourself with clarity through hair techniques.
  3. Combines Hair Treatments with all tips & techniques to learn Hair Cutting
  4. Well balanced between demonstration and hands-on workshop. emphases very much on practical skills in professional hair cutting techniques and hairstyling.
  5. Also covers some basics & Advanced hair Styling techniques as a bonus class. Build your career in hair artistry and hairstyling.

Course Outline

Module 01: Advance Hair Cut Techniques

  1. Point Cut
  2. Texturizing Sliding
  3. Slice Cut

Module 02: Advance Layers

  1. Jennifer Cut
  2. Razer Cut

Module 03: Advanced Bold Hair Cuts

  1. Emo Cut
  2. Diamond-Cut
  3. Star Cut

Module 04: Layer Cutting Techniques

  1. Short Layers
  2. Prominent Layers
  3. Same Layers

Module 05: Advanced Unique Cuts

  1. Shaggy Cut
  2. Liberty Cut

Module 06: Gray Hair Coverage

  1. Product Knowledge
  2. Full Head Dye Application
  3. Do’s & Don’ts of Gray Hair

Module 07: Advanced Hair Colouring

  1. Application of Fashion Hair Colour
  2. Low Lights
  3. High Lights
  4. Do’s & Don’ts of Hair Colouring

Module 08: Hair Treatment

  1. Hair and scalp health
  2. Preparation of hair prior to performing work
  3. Hair Sectioning
  4. Diagnosis and knowledge of hair types and quality of hair structure (Coloured hair, virgin hair, with or without highlights, hair client history, and more)
  5. Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment
  6. Protein Hair Treatment

Bonus Class:02

Basic Hair Styling- 2 Hours

  1. Feature Braid
  2. French Braid with Full head
  3. Bridal & Model Bun
  4. Zig Zag Mang with Single Twist
  5. Blow Dry & Iron Straightening

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Nasira Imran, Hair Expert with an experience of 16 years and have trained more than 4000+ students yet. I made the most of the opportunity and proved myself in the field to the best of my ability. This hard work and dedication led me to carry out training classes in addition to my existing job. I pulled out all stops to impart my student’s up-to-the-minute insights w.r.t Beautician field that consequently made them win International Competition of Beautician. Incidentally, I am a Hair Stylist by choice and endeavour to evolve in the industry with time.
₨30,000.00 ₨15,000.00

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