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Course Details:

Registration Fee = Rs: 1,000 only
>Date: 2nd February 2021
>Day: Tuesday & Thursday
>Duration: 1.5 month
>Class Timing:
02:00pm to 04:00pm
Johar Town, Lahore


Course Description

The Montessori Teaching course in Lahore, Pakistan from PNY PINK is the best course in which you can learn about complete Montessori teacher training.

PNY is the best institution that offers multiple training courses and a skill-based program for beginners and professionals. After getting success in the IT sector, social media marketing, and software development, PNY Trainings is now working on specialized programs for women empowerment.

Our vision is to enhance the skills and knowledge of youngsters to take on modern-day corporate challenges.

Montessori Curriculum

Montessori is a method of education based on Self-improvement activity, Collaborative play, and hands-on learning. In Montessori classrooms, children can work in groups or individually to explore different ways of knowledge to develop their potential

Course Detail

In the montessori teaching course, you will learn from beginning to pro how to teach students under the age of 12.

  • How to handle under-age students
  • How to set their mind in a learning environment
  • How to complete train students

Future Benefits of course

  • Exercises of Practical Life:
  • Sensorial Exercises:
  • Observation and teaching practice in different environments
  • Child development tips

Enrollment Requirements

Candidates must have at least an Intermediate certificate

Why We?

PNY PINK is designed for women that offer multiple training and specialized courses. The purpose is to help women to learn skill-based knowledge and grow in the competitive world. PNY PINK offers the best training course in Lahore with expert consultation. In this course, everyone with basic knowledge and understanding can enroll. After the completion of the course, it is easier to run a personalized set up or join a reputed workplace.

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  • Montessori philosophy

    1. What is Montessori education
    2. From the American Montessori society
    3. Every child is a unique individual
    4. Development of order, coordination, concentration & independence
    5. Students become active seekers of knowledge
    6. Self-correction and self-assessment

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  • Child psychology

    1. Understanding child
    2. Working on 4 different areas
    (Intellectual, emotional, social and physical)

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  • Educational techniques referring to different developmental stages of the 2.5 to 6 years

    1. Exercises of Practical Life: Movement leading to integration of personality and adaptation to society
    2. Sensorial Exercises: Education of senses leading to foundation of intelligence
    3. Development of language skills
    4. Building Mathematical concepts
    5. Building concepts for cultural subjects
    6. History
    7. Geography
    8. Botany
    9. Zoology
    10. Science
    11. Music
    12. Art

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  • Observation and teaching practice in different environments

    1. Assessment of abilities and readiness for materials
    2. List of skills required to be observed
    3. Recording observations
    4. Allow for the possibility of change

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  • Prepared Environment

    1. Freedom
    2. Structure order
    3. Beauty
    4. Nature and reality
    5. Social environment
    6. Intellectual environment

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  • Child development tips
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Sadaf Javed is an educationist who is working as a professional trainer in developing student focused evironments to maximize learning experience. She has done professional courses including the leadership program. She is proficient in developing appropriate teaching programs while effectively addressing student needs. Currently working as an instructor for language development. Montessori and Education administration
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