What kind of course PNY Pink offering?

PNY Pink brings an opportunity for all females of Pakistan to learn and practice the real skills and turn it into a professional career. PNY Pink introduce the high-end courses for the females and give them direction into the real world of competition. You can enroll and learn the multiple programs especially design for females includes:
• Hair Cut Pro Course
• Ultimate makeup course
• Be your own beauty expert
• And much more

How I can enroll myself in a makeup course?

For the course of ultimate makeup certification, anyone includes teenage girls, housewives, professional women, and anyone who wants to learn and gain skills can enroll easily. You can visit our website www.joinpnypink.com or can visit the head office at Arfa kareem technology for the registration process. After the approval, you have to submit the fees for the course and get the schedule to attend a live session with the best instructor of the relevant industry.

How I can get the course outline of the relevant course?

After the enrolment in a particular course at PNY pink, you can get the hard copy of the course outline. Moreover ,You can download pdf’s from our PNY PINK website or our coordinator will share the PDF files with the course details through email that every candidate will receive after the enrollment confirmation.

What will be the eligibility criteria for PNY Pink courses enrollment?

For the PNY Pink courses enrolment, there is no strict requirement or eligibility criteria. Anyone with the courage to learn the skills and experience them in practical life can be a part of PNY pink

What will be future scope after completed the course with PNY Pink?

If you are interested in the professional career, then PNY pink ensure that you will get the internship offers from the industry reputed organization. You can get the chance to apply for the job after completing the certification through PNY pink.

What are the benefits of becoming a part of the PNY Pink community?

At PNY Pink the main focus is to provide the skill-based knowledge that will empower women. The purpose to teach them to build up their skills with the ultimate goal that can offer new horizons of success. Moreover, all those who want to be entrepreneurs in the field can join hands with the PNY Pink and learn with the professionals and market leaders of relevant fields.

What will be the requirement for the beautician course?

Anyone with an intermediate level of education can enroll in the beautician course. There are no hard requirements and eligibility criteria to be a part of course. All it requires that a candidate must be a resident of Lahore and have a basic level of knowledge about things.

Can I pay a fee and get the course enrollment online?

In PNY Pink courses you can easily enroll in our courses. Moreover, it is easy to pay the fee through online payment methods like Bank transfer, Jazz Cash, and much more. you can visit the PNY training head office at Arfa kareem technology for the registration and payment procedures.

Can i attend the online classes for PNY Pink courses?

PNY Pink offers online classes and course-related materials like slides, tutorials, and much more. you can enroll yourself from anywhere with the PNY Pink and get the advantage from learning the skills with the industry professionals.

How can get the benefit from the Montessori teacher training course?

Montessori teaching course is designed for the intermediate level candidate, it is a three-month course that provides better knowledge to deal with Montessori kids and how to work on their basics. There is no need to have an educational background to enroll in the Montessori training course. If you are a mother, teacher, want to be a teacher then it is the best course to learn about kid’s behaviors and find a way to deal with them.