How to Find Golden Brown Hair will suit you?

As living in a modern society, we all strive for our individuality and uniqueness, aiming to become noticeable among people, we keep on finding ways to achieve it. One way in which we show this is through our hair. It is believed that our hair color adds up to our self-expression. People express themselves by coloring their hair.

Hair coloring is one of the techniques used by people to look stylish and different. People love dyeing their hair in shades of red, golden, grey, brown and so on. Dying hair to Golden brown is a bit trendy nowadays. It provides with a refreshing look to one’s personality.

Ranging from an elegant deep dark brown to light and golden shades of honey, brown is an amazing color with so many options to choose. With all the shades of brown available, one can easily find what perfectly complements their complexion


What to consider when dyeing your hair brown ?

Firstly, we should figure out what undertones our skin has. For having a better idea of our undertones, one should try the following techniques:

1: Flip your wrist.: While flipping your wrist, if we observe greenish veins then we have warm undertones, whereas blue veins indicate cool undertones. If our veins color is in-between both the undertones than it is likely to be neutral.

2: Look at your eyes. Blue or greens eyes indicate cool undertones when observed in the mirror whereas little golden rays in our eye indicate that there is a chance of having warm undertones.

Once we came to know about our skin tone, we are a step closer to choose the right shade of brown that compliment us. It is said that warm tones of brown are for cool skin and vice versa and If we have neutral tones, one can easily choose any shade they want.


For understanding the what shade of brown suits you best one should thoroughly consider the following:

If you have warm undertone: cool brown shades like chestnut, dark chocolate, mushroom brown, and dark auburn will look fabulous with your skin. By combining these balancing hues together, we can brighten up the look of our complexion.


If you have cool undertone: warm shades can prove to work wonders for our complexion. We can combine amber and caramel with blonde highlights, golden brown, honey, or warm red. When we mix warm colors, it helps make our hair color really nice and stylish.

If you have neutral undertone: that means we can use any shade of brown hair. We have so many options from a classic medium brown hair color to trendy nude hair.


There are certain ways to get desired brown hair. They are following:

Light brown hair color

If we have warm tones in our skin, a cool toned light brown hair color will result out the best for our complexion. If someone have cool tones in their skin and want to balance them beautifully, then use Light Golden Brown for a warmer shade.

Dark brown hair color

For a warm toned complexion one should try Dark Brown shade. If one wants a warmer color that’s still darker and  even deeper, then they should try  Golden Dark Brown.

Ash brown hair color

Ashy colors work best with warm toned complexions, so if one wants to have them then they should try Iced Chocolate for a dark, rich shade. They can also try Frosty Chocolate for a somewhat a lighter shade.


How to dye your hair brown 

Following are the guidelines given to help us in coloring our hair brown at home:

1.  Firstly, we should do a patch test by applying some pigment cream to our skin for at least 48 hours before we use our hair dye of choice. We need to do this test each time we apply color to our hair, so don’t skip it. Look out for any reaction around the area the color was applied.

2.  Next, open the box and lay out all your equipment. We should follow the instructions given on the  instruction leaflet, some gloves, a mixing bottle, a bottle of designer cream, dye cream and a deep conditioner for afterwards.

3.  Get the tools ready. We’ll  need a towel, a hair brush, a hair clip and some moisturizing cream.

4.  Then apply the moisturizing cream to our hairline to avoid the dye discoloring our skin.

5. Put on the gloves and get mixing! Squeeze both the dye and the designer cream into the mixing bottle and shake it so they combine. Then quickly remove the cap and begin applying to the hair.

  1. Part the hair and apply the mixture directly onto the roots first, and keep repeating this process until all our roots are covered.7.  Now get plenty of cream in hands and put it through the remaining hair, making sure that we are spreading the cream evenly over all our hair, root to tip.8. Then wait for 30 minutes9.  Rinse thoroughly under a warm shower until the water runs clear.

    10. Use the multi-application conditioner to keep the hair feeling soft and looking shiny.

    11.  Rinse again until the water runs clear, and style your hair as normal.

  2. Dry your hair with towel and apply conditioner.



Once we’ve achieved our desired hair color, we’ll switch up our hair care routine. We should use a shampooconditioner, and hair mask that is designed to be safe for colored hair. Use the shampoo and conditioner daily, switching the conditioner for the hair mask a few times a week.


Of course, a new hair color demands for new hairstyles to create a new look. Wherever we are headed to we have a hairstyle worthy of us. Following are some ideas to style hair:


A brown hair color is a great picture for a pop of color. We can try adding some colorful strands to our hair with a temporary hair color spray!


Style your hair as you wish—whether that’s straightened, curled or anything else.


Use a temporary hair color spray to add freshness to your hair. Choose whatever colors you wish and spray.


Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner



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