Influencer Role

Influencer Role in Future

In the contemporary World, there’s no point of guessing the indispensable role of influencer’s in Pakistan. Brands of all kinds are on the lookout for such influencers to plug their market offering for the larger audience. For that reason, influencers are accustomed to make a lot of money out of such practice by businesses. However, influencers are quite selective in connection with products since it is of the essence for them to employ the product that might not negatively impact their following; which is why they strike the right cords in an effort to best use their influencing skills to market the product.

There’s a paradigm shift from traditional marketing to Social Media marketing in today’s era. As for Social Media Marketing, Influencers’ play a pivotal role in spreading the word. The followers of these influencers are of three types: one of them are seeking new trendy ways to get on the bandwagon, second type refers to those who gives a mild response to any stimulus created by the influencer and final type of followers are of those who do nothing but takes slight impressions out of the content. All such types are of great importance for the influencers as their purpose of being known amongst society is the main objective of their existence.

Little did we know in the past that the influencers would be able to become the trend-setters in the days to come, but the efficacy of such ways proved the critics wrong time and time again. Influencer viral the product of market offering in a bid to create awareness amongst the target audience. Although, the marketers who prefer to employ traditional marketing have been still very reluctant to harness influencers to publicise their product as they are of the views that it is too early to hand over your product to someone according to whom your product is not worth; but the results have shown that the marketing campaign is more than effective with the help of influencers.

With the advent of technology advances, the novel ways to reach out to your target audience is of the essence in the contemporary era. Such influencers are used to make use of different social media platforms to highlight their daily routine that their followers aspire to have. Thus, such social platforms motivate the followers to pursue their influencer in a bid to transition his lifestyle towards idyllic stage. By the same token, people fancy out of the ordinary ways to get to know about brands which is why it is paramount for the brands to discover the innovative ways to appease their target audience. For that reason, Businesses are on the lookout for influencers who boast the ability to take their product on another level. Such influencers try to make a story or connection with the brand in an attempt to create better association and sense to promote the business.

Influencer Marketing is of pivotal role in today’s era where cut throat competition kicks many firms or organizations out of business. In Pakistan, Celebrities, ranging from sports players, news anchors, to Movie stars, models step up to the plate to become influencers in a bid to publicise different products, services or market offerings. Organizations are convinced to plough in to millions of Rupees for the influencers as they understand the need of the hour and essential role of influencers in today’s marketing world. Incidentally, Influencer Marketing may not only reach the target audience but also it make solid impression in the society for the longer period of time. For Example, Junaid Akram, an influencer from Karachi, is accustomed to promote different brands via his Facebook, Youtube & Instagram platform not just to create awareness about the brand but also he motivates masses to build change from traditional to idyllic form of life.
Numerous social influencers have risen after the advent of technology advances of Pakistan. For instance, Fixit campaign started from Karachi and it spanned all across Pakistan with the help of social influencers. These social influencers motivated the masses to bring change in Pakistan by fixing the broken drainage system of Karachi; further it embraced youth and culminate in a social revolution that bring about an unprecedented change in whole Pakistan. By the same token, social influencers bear a positive revolution amongst the society as they are known to be ones who spark a change in the society. Social influencers rose to prominence following the expansion of social media platforms. These Social Media Platforms act as a catalyst for them to reach out to the masses without much put or hindrance. Incidentally, social influencers are the trailblazers of the society as they boast the features to create change in the society that would be long lasting for a country like Pakistan.

Influencer role in future is evolving with time in a developing country like Pakistan. Especially social media influencer can work wonders in contract with traditional tools of Marketing. In Pakistan, Influencer Role in future is indispensable as we as a nation aspire to follow our role models by all means. Instagram Influencers are quite trendy nowadays; as mostly popular brands target audiences have shifted from Facebook to Instagram owing to variety of reasons. Instagram Influencers are used to create photos or stories with brands and post them on Instagram account; this will catch the attention of their followers and that eventually entice them to check out the brands details through the internet. Incidentally influencers’ role in future is not something to be belittled because individuals from all walks of life have become influencers and they boast the influence of their age group, society, & organization which has utmost importance in contemporary era.

In a nutshell, Social Media Influencer has the power to either build a brand significance in the minds of your target audience or destroy your brand image completely as he himself rules over the minds of your prospective customers. However, it is sound to harness such social media influencers that best portray your brand image while covering all its pros in the optimal possible way.

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