Long Hairs vs Short Hairs

Hairstyles and hair-cuts remain on changing with fashion and time. A standard hair length for men may be from 2 to 4 inches. Your hairstylist can better tell you how much length will suit your face according to your facial features and face looks. Men usually take more time in setting their hair as compared to women. Contrary to it, women usually focus on the face more than hair.
Among women, long and short both hairs are in fashion. Usually, people use terms of short, shorter, medium, and longer hairs. But these terms do not convey a clear message. The term short hair or long hair may have a variety of concepts for various people. Here are five popular terms used for hair lengths that can describe better the length of the hair:
• Ear length: A hair cut with the term very short varies for men and women. For men, ear length may not be considered a shorter length. Rather among women, ear length hair cut is considered very short. Women, who usually belong to any sports, are considered to keep the hair shorter. In some cases, many do this for the satisfaction of the fashion sense.
• Chin length: Chin length is famous among kids and teenage girls. But adults also sometimes like to have chin-length hair cut to look more young and fresh.
• Shoulder length: Shoulder length of the hair is also known as the medium length of the hair. When you cut down the hair with mid-back length gets shorter and turned into shoulder length.
• Armpit length: Armpit length is considered a true representation of the medium hair.
• Mid-back length: Mid-back length is included in longer hair.
Besides, some other hair lengths are also known. Ladies like to follow the fashion trends in hair length. If long hairs are in fashion, ladies with short hair try to use extensions, wigs, or other resources to make their hair look longer. In case of shorter hair, ladies rush to parlors or beauty salons to cut the hair shorter accordingly.
How the length of the hair matter?
What are the problems faced by long and short hair?
Short hair Pros
• The shorter hair keeps your facial features more prominent.
• When you want to look glamorous, the shorter hair cut is the best choice.
• The hairs, that are less in volume or thin, start looking healthier with shorter hairstyles and cut.
• The short hair-cut makes you more stylish and trendy.
• When you are getting ready for an event, you need not worry about your hairstyle as with shorter hair you can style your hair in no time.
It is very easy to manage shorter hair like flipping the hair forward or rolling up the hair is easy. Short hair Cons
With shorter hair, you have very few styling options. You cannot change your face look until or unless you contact a hairstylist. But it may seem more expensive to style from parlor or salon.
Long hair Pros:
• With long hair, you need not have frequent hair-cuts.
• You can style your hair using various options like you can make ponytails, braid, fishtails, hair buns, straighten, or wear curls.
• Long hair with a decent style makes you look decent and glamorous.
• You can do more experimentation on long hair as compared to the short ones.

Long hair Cons:
• People with longer hair often complain of hair fall problems.
• Longer hair may look less healthy and sometimes too thin to style.
• You have to do more care of long hair as compared to the shorter ones.
• Those personalities, who are not used to long hair, are unable to manage it.
Does hair texture matter?
The diameter of your hair is called hair texture. Hair texture has three basic types that are fine hair, medium hair, and thick hair. Regardless of your hair type-curly, wavy straight, fizzy, and many others, hair texture depends upon the hair treatment you apply on your hair.
When you talk about hair texture, hair length does not matter. With long or short hair-cut, you can improve your hair texture. Usually, people believe that those w
How to manage your hair in relevance to the event?
Everyone wants to become prominent in parties, family gatherings, friends circles, and festival celebrations. For this purpose, people try to adopt glamorous and glittery looks. After the facial features or makeover, it is the hairstyle that makes you more prominent. So you need to style your hair according to the event. If there is a family gathering at home, just simply making the ponytail is also enough but when you intend to move on a Christmas Ball or New Year you need to style it differently and more elegantly.
What kind of experimentation can you do with your hair? People with shorter hair can increase the styles by using extensions and wigs. Various options for hair extensions are available in the market. Additionally, hair colors and highlighting the shorter or longer hair make you more trendy and up-to-date with the fashion world.
How to care your hair?
Whatever texture and hair type you have, if you do not care for your hair; it ruins the natural look of your hair. Here are some hair care tips that can help you more:
• Wash your hair with good quality shampoo and conditioner.
• Use shampoo only twice or thrice in a week.
• Keep your hair from the heat.
• Regularly do oiling of your hair.
• Do less experimentation on your hair. As frequent use of hair colors, hair sprays, and other hair accessories spoil the natural layers of the hair.
• Go natural with your hair. Use natural items to care for your hair like natural or herbal hair masks.
Regardless of the hair length and the hair type, you need to go with your personality features. Before adopting any hairstyle, you need to ponder either it suits your facial features or not. Blindly following fashion trends is never a wise choice. Wear the hair fashion that matches with your personality.


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