Makeup Trends in Pakistan

Ladies are usually found more directional and ambitious regarding their face beauty. Every makeup expert suggests that you should keep the skin hydrating. Use of moisturizers along with foundations let the makeup stay on your face more than casual. Either you are getting ready for a celebration event or it’s a holy festival for you: the latest make up trends can keep you prominent and glowing in every gathering. Here is some fresh make up trends that can make you more bold and confident while getting ready for any event:

Eye makeup trends

There is a variety of colorful shadows that are going to be trendy this year. The revival of metallic shades and nude shades has made the eyes more glamorous. Various shadow styles are on the go like:

  1. You can play with many colors on your eyes using some dull colors and one bright color. Apply that bright or shimmery color shade on the pupil to make your eyes more prominent.
  2. If you do not feel comfortable with colorful eye shadows, you can opt for colored liner as well. Teenage girls or ladies who want to use less makeup are applying colorful liners or go with colored eye pencils.
  3. Another huge hit that is getting popular is lived in eye makeup. Apply nude shades on your eyelids and lower lash line. Merge the shades well on the eye with fingers. Apply eyeliner or eye pencil over your waterline. Smudge it and rock the party with lived eyeshades.

Lipstick trends

Blurred lipstick: Blurred lips are attracting the ladies these days. To get blurred lips, apply lipstick in the center of the lips and merge it outwards on all lips. Thus, no lip pencil or lip outline is required for applying lipstick. When you are to get ready in a few moments blurred lips are the best choice.

  • Bold lipstick: 

Bold lips give your face a unique and bold look. To wear bold lipstick, your face requires neutral makeup. For this purpose, you need to try nude eye shadows. Curl your eyes with mascara and apply dark lipstick shade on the lips. Bold lipstick highlights the face makeup and keeps you prominent in the whole event.

Summer makeover Outlook and tips

Summer is always considered sensitive for the makeover. Hot sunny days may ruin your new cool summer looks as skin may get more oily than usual and applying extraordinary cosmetics on the face may not be a wise decision.

Soft makeover: Either you intend to get ready from a parlor or you love to wear a new look by yourself: keep your makeover light and soft. Heavy and too bold makeover in summer may not seem elegant. Getting ready for a beach party, or outdoor picnic, just be decent with soft and cool natural summer outlook.

Light foundations: Never try to wear heavy layers of foundation on your face Sweetening and dehydration from the skin may spoil your makeup. You can keep the base light by using a primer. Apply primer on the skin gently. Later on, apply concealer on the problematic areas of the skin to get a smooth and younger look.

Correct use of Bronzer: Bronzer highlights the cheeks and brow bones more nicely. In summer, whether you use foundation or not bronzer is necessary to get your facial features more glowing. It will be better to choose pastel pink or peach shades of bronzer.

Careful eye makeup: Eye makeup requires skill and trick to wear a nice look. In summer, it is usually more suitable to keep the eyeshades nude and soft. Brown, peach, copper, and some other pastel shades are more suitable. The liner should be thin and fine.

The natural makeover is the most popular among teenagers and adults in the summer season. Whether you are getting ready for a day outing or you are going to attend a formal event or celebration, dark or heavy makeup will not be a suitable choice. Keep your makeover natural to get a stunning look.

Winter makeover outlook and tips

Winter face looks are usually bolder and expressing irrespective of day or night events. In winter, you need to focus on moisturizing the skin by massaging and then carefully apply foundation over it. The return of shimmery eye shadows like bold copper shades, glittering plum, and peach shades make your parties outstanding. Shades of smoky eyes brown, black and metallic dark shades add beauty to the makeover.

If you are wearing heavy makeup on eyes, it is necessary to stay light with the lipstick shades. Otherwise, all heavy and bold makeup will destroy the beauty of face features. A thick and heavy line of eyeliner is more suitable for eyes with bold makeup. You can cover the under lashes area also with the eyeliner.

Necessary make up hacks 

Moisturizer: Either it is winter or summer your skin requires essential hydration. Never forget to apply any kind of moisturizers like primer and foundation before starting your make up. Just applying moisturizer and leave the skin is not enough. Massage your skin for a few seconds; it will give a glowing look to your face.

Use of powder: keep in mind that you should use makeup products according to the season and your skin type. The use of loose powder sometimes makes even fair skin dull.

Breathable makeover: Breathable makeover is the most popular face look of the year 2020. Breathable makeover keeps your face free of the use of heavy cosmetic products. Just use primer, concealer, liner, and lipstick and you are ready to move on.

Whatever the face look and beauty trends are in fashion, always be careful while experimenting on your face. Playing with new colors and shades while getting ready is a unique experience but you must know well whether it will suit according to your skin tone and face features or not. Wearing the latest trend is not a tough job but wearing what suits you is the actual thing that will make you elegant and decent in your community.

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