Success Stories

Saman Aleem

Meet Saman Alim Kirmani !! She Inspired us

Things in life can go really bad at times but perseverance and relentlessness are twofold qualities that best subdue any pain or predicament. In the face of my father demise & my divorce, I strike the right chords in my professional career by joining Media industry since I boast impressive interpersonal skills, coming out of former sales related experience. On the contrary to my expectations, I could not continue further with them as their environment is not fit for a woman to proceed. Finally, I landed a job in a multinational company as a ‘Client Services Officer’ where I was employed as a Supervisor and team lead for Punjab Region. I was so much happy since I never expected what God has in store for me; it is simply a blessing in disguise; but my life again took a turn and I lost my job due to management issues. My Whole life is filled with ups-and downs and I am OK with that. As it is a saying that success is a building always under construction. Now, I am on the lookout for new opportunities where I best apply my potential for optimal gains.

Nasira Imran

Meet Nasira Imran !! She Inspired us

Qualified Hair Expert, I am Nasira Imran. Joining hands with Qasr e Behbood as a Hair Expert was a dream come true for a person like me who started off as an internee in the same organization. I made the most of the opportunity and proved myself in the field to the best of my ability. This hardwork and dedication led me to carry out training classes in addition to my existing job. I pulled out all stops to impart my students up-to-the-minute insights w.r.t Beautician field that consequently made them win International Compeition of Beautician. Incidentally, I am a beatician by choice and endeavour to evolve in the industry with time.

Benish Shaukat Ali

Meet Benish Shaukat Ali! She Inspired us @The Beauty Loft

A single mother to three kids ridden with property disputes. I didn’t let my burdens weigh me down. Instead I pursued my Master’s degree last year in School Management that boost up my confidence to face the society boldly. Being a beautician was always my Passion so i took the infamous ‘Be your own Beauty expert’ Esthetician course. Today, I am proud to call myself a self-made entrepreneur with my very own Beauty Salon by the name of ‘The Beauty Loft’ salon.

Therefore, I believe: ‘When life gives you lemons make lemonade out of them.’

Sadia Khalid

Meet Sadia khalid! She Inspired us  @bethetorchbearer

Being an young Researcher, Scholar & Trainer ,“My life journey is full of struggles and challenges as strength and growth come only through continuous efforts and struggle. Belonging from a middle class and traditional family, it is not easy to chase my dreams but I believed that I had to dream big, wish unique and chase my goals because no one else will take charge of my life or do it for me. Since my birth, my society is pressuring me that I am a girl, I don’t have right to take my own decisions”. Being responsible citizen , we all need to play part in giving awareness about different issues in the community and taking small actions for making our future better and sustainable for future generations”. She strongly encourages all the deserving girls to come forward and take the initiative to lead their own lives effectively and positively. Although, many women from last few decades have been actively participating in various economic & social activities, but their efforts remain unrecognized. In this male-dominating society, they are still subjected to discrimination in the social, economic and educational field. “It is important for women to identify themselves with self-confidence & esteem. The main aspect of empowerment is to give a sense of internal strength to them – to control their lives”.

Sadia Akbar

Meet Sadia Akbar ! She Inspired us

The Embroidery Tales

My name is Sadia Akbar, Mother of 2 Lil angels plus a housewife. I have a craze of arts since school life, so now when I have platforms and online selling access so I took a start of my art love as a business and started my venture named as

The Embroidery Tales

. I love embroidery but not to do on clothes so I got an idea from international artists about hoop embroidery, this is a totally new innovation and fully customized gift item, This is how normal embroidery turns into modern embroidery, every detail crafted with hand embroidery even so portrait so this is not only my business but my passion my love for art forever. And now mostly girls want to learn modern embroidery so I decided to start my YouTube channel. You can find here: