She Needs Your Moral Support Not Financial

Why we always offer financial support to our family and expect that it will get them through any crisis?  In today’s complex world, our significant others need ‘us’ not our juicy notes that has no value if placed against human sentiments. For instance, in the 90’s, we used to await our father to return from office to regale us with sweets, chocolates etc. that happiness is unparalleled to anything in the world. Now, happiness of having even a wallet full of cash is no way close to the former happiness.

Our Mothers, Daughters, Wives, etc. need our time & affection, not just monetary gains; this is the principle that best fill in the gap in our society. Just a simple smile work wonders to them as they truly value our presence in their life.

There’s no point for guessing the patriarchal nature of our society; we are accustomed to motivate our women to be perfect in doing household related chores and leave go of money-making skills with their male family members. For that reason, women found it hard to get through life financial challenges by being dependent on their families.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to give precedence to moral support over financial support while offering to our female family members as it is more effective and viable. To boost their morale, we must stand behind them and realize them that we are with them as a family and their decision is our decision

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