The rise of Cosmetics Industry of Pakistan

If beauty is really in the eyes of the beholder, then why is Pakistan’s cosmetics industry worth more than Rs. 150 million. And that figure is mind you, just the online cosmetics sold in 2017 alone. We’re not even talking about the markets where people go and physically buy the products.

These products don’t just include women’s fashion items such as lipsticks, eyeliners, hair brushes and eye shades etc. They also include men’s fashion items such as trimming machines, blades and especially beard oils.

Well, first of all we need to establish the fact that there has been a recent trend of health care and fitness which means you need to look good. Which is mistakenly associated with taking off the dupattas and skin tight clothing. No mysteries there as social media is to blame. Along that, the idea of women empowerment has been slowly rising and taking over our cultural and religious values. Where modern clothing and body positivity is being promoted like a carnival.

It may seem that this indoctrination of values has been sudden, but I digress. It’s been there in the back of our heads and it seems to be slowly rising up.

Not to mention the fact that social media, especially Instagram and alike apps have created this need of getting attention, especially in women. For this, women recently tend to be a bit bold and “open minded”. Just to get more likes and more attention. But, here’s the catch. These women also make use of more and more makeup in order to appeal to the masses and seek validation. Now there’s nothing wrong with makeup, but the thinking or thought process that not wearing makeup is gonna make you less feminine or less attractive as a women, yeah that’s messed up.

The same mentality is prevalent in women of lower social classes. A good example will be to take a look at weddings and marriage ceremonies. It seems as if women aren’t attending to meet other women, but to signal indirectly, there’s superiority because they are wearing makeup from really high end brands, or dresses from really expensive brands or maybe even both.

Since children mimick their elders, not just grown up adult women but also girls as young as the age of 8 are obsessed with makeup. As they think it’s something that adds up to their beauty and makes them princesses. Maybe it does. It’s distinctively clear that women of all ages absolutely adore makeup. It’s like an essential part of their life. More like a necessity, along with food, clothing and housing.

A good reason of rising demands of makeup items could also be the fact that there are more work and employment opportunities for women in the job market place. Many women even lead large organizations now as it common for women to be in high value positions. And quite sincerely, you don’t get any prizes for guessing where all this extra revenue goes. Shopping clothes and makeup.

Now let’s move on to the forgotten gender here. Men. Recently men have also started taking health and skin care more seriously. There are plenty of men out there who have a regular skin care routine. Many men visit their barbers frequently to get a face mask applied in their face which “pulls out all the pollution and dust from riding” their bikes and waking outside for hours on end.

And lastly, how can we ignore the recent rise in popularity of keeping a beard. It seems as if almost everyone immediately jumped on this bandwagon. It has been proven by research that women do find men with facial hair more attractive. Moreover facial hair require a lot of care and grooming. Which explains why there has been a rather big boom in the sales of beard oils and such products.

All in all it does not seem that this trend is slowing down any time soon. With social media constantly on the rise, we are only going to see more and more product sales and industry profits.


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