Working Together

Women Working hand in hand with men has the paramount importance in today’s competitive era. With the aim to counter the effects of unemployment and insufficient income streams, It is indispensable for contemporary household women to partake in ventures that best utilize her skills & competencies for monetary benefits. In Pakistan, there are numerous personifications whereby women strike out their own business ventures; ranging from offering freelancing services to corporate clients to tailoring clothes of nearby people.

Ironically, In Pakistan, women constitute 49% of our total population but out of the total only 24% make march towards the total labor force of the country. The rationale behind this is simply our negligence towards the fact that women can work wonders in laying foundation of any society socially and economically. Unfortunately, the standings of Pakistan in terms of Women workforce is very poor in comparison with other Asian countries. Women in Pakistan hardly complete their secondary education, let alone, making march towards starting out their professional career. One shall not blame upon the women for that reason but the whole society should be equally responsible for not providing an equitable environment that is gender friendly for the whole country.

In Pakistan, majority of the areas that are favored by educated women are medicine, Teaching, Beautician etc. However, there are a number of women who do not turn professionals and use their degree as a part of criterion of getting acceptable in matrimonial centered society.  Such learned women contribute nothing in a developing economy of Pakistan and their skills and competencies add no value to already faltering economy of Pakistan.

In the places like Gilgit Baltistan, Women are encouraged to perform handicrafts, cooking etc in an effort to contribute in the society; which is why girls in their very early ages are being taught the marvels so that they may partake in such business activities sooner or later.

By the same token, it is of the essence for women to get out of their comfort zone and start making money with the use of cutting-edge technologies without compromising on the household chores like nursing babies, and other family commitments. There are women in Pakistan who are accustomed to lead their professional and personal life in tandem. For instance, Female teachers in Pakistan are used to ensure that their families do not affect from the busy schedule they had to maintain in their professional life. Similarly, Female Bankers are prone to work long working hours with not-so-well- paid salaries had to undergo tough circumstances in maintaining work life balance.


This contemporary era gives benefit for women to seek opportunities whereby they need not to work long hours like female bankers etc. but make money that is more than the normal salaried class professionals.  Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Youtubers etc. are the domains that demand a few hours input via freelancing but the output is simply out of the ordinary in contrast with 9-5 hours laborious jobs. On the other hands, online teaching is also a domain that also constitute fewer hours but the harvest is still substantial than the other money-making alternatives.

To be well-versed in the afore mentioned leading fields, one has to be adept in learning the new digital platforms that has to be up-to-the minute in today’s fast paced economy. Such skills and competencies shall not only support a woman in making money for her family but also led to significant milestones achievements with an optimal amount of effort.


Tons of stories are extant in Pakistan in which women support their families with jobs that employ their minimal time and energy ands culminates in significant yields. On the contrary, citizenry in Pakistan are still on the lookout for 9 to 5 jobs by jumping on the bandwagon while neglecting the other quirky ways to earn money optimally. There are no point for guessing that youtubers are making millions by sharing vlogs, pranks, tips & techniques etc with their creativity & skills; they are not bound to sit for long hours for the money they are making. By the same token, a group of women are making millions by selling stuff online via online portals like daraz, Alibaba, amazon etc. such ways are special ways to break the traditional thoroughfares of earning money.

In a nutshell, Women in Pakistan have to step up to bolster the tottering economy of Pakistan. The rising inflation, unemployment etc. are the indicators that entails some new ways to sustain the development of the country. To serve the purpose, there are multitude of means whereby women can support their families substantially as they always had in the years bygone. They best monetize their learned skills or seek new money-making skills to support their families in today’s competitive era.


In conclusion, PNY Pink is one of the platforms that aims to harness the true potential of women in Pakistan where women, from all walks of life, are not only employed to exhibit their skills & Talent online but also thousands of women, as spectators, are expected to learn novel skills and ideas from all variety of sources. It is just the start for women where their ideas, skills, notions etc. are being put on the forefront for their prosperity and interests. Such platform shall spawn many other ventures of the same nature to co-exist in future.

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